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Used Games May Not be Easy to Access on the Xbox One


Every time a new console is about to hit the market, it’s met with a fanfare of near orgasmic ecstasy and immediately followed by news that’s so bad, it could be labeled as a carcinogen.

The new Xbox One is no exception. It was officially unveiled by Microsoft last week as a fully integrated entertainment machine that not only offers optimum graphics and premium playability but acts as a voice-powered remote control for almost your entire entertainment system. Then the negative rumors started to follow it like a puppy that knows it did something bad.

So far, the rumor that seems to have the most legs is used games won’t be as easy to purchase or play on the new console. MCV found out game retailers finally learned some new details on the portability of used games, and the news isn’t all bad. But some of it sounds downright scary.

It appears used games won’t be blocked entirely from the new console. But the sale and transfer of used games will be tracked by Microsoft and developers who worked on them. They want to take a cut of used game sales (maybe as much as 10 percent) every time the game changes hands. The creepiest component of the deal is Microsoft will remove all of the game’s data from the customer’s console once they sell it back to the store and register the used copy into their system. Suddenly, I’m very concerned about every Xbox One having a Kinect camera that can see me, and I’m not referring to how stupid I look like when a 290-pound man tries to play “Fruit Ninja Kinect” without getting winded.

Via Gizmodo/Photo Credit: Microsoft

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