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An Old White Man Wants LeBron To Play Football [VIDEO]


Even though Joe Theismann seriously thinks LeBron could be a quarterback, it still sounds like good ol’ subtle racism

LeBron is a naturally talented athlete who could probably excel in any sport he chooses to play, but at a time when famous black football players come out to say that they don’t want their own children playing football, Joe Theismann should shut the f**k up. These football players consider football to be their way out of the ghetto, but they wouldn’t wish it on anyone who had another option. Football’s awesome, but it ruins many athletes’ lives, and those athletes are starting to liken it to slavery.

So enter the old white overseer, or “NFL analyst” to see a young black buck and say that boy should play his sport.

OK, we’re playing up the racist aspect a lot here, but it still feels ugly when an old white man tells a young black athlete what to do.

via Yahoo! Sports

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