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The Zoo York Takes Yankee Stadium Rocks [VIDEO]


Like most things that happen in baseball stadiums, skateboarding for a clothing line is way more interesting than baseball

The Zoo York people know what they’re doing though. They’re trying to sell the new hip/hop skateboard image, which they know’s going mainstream, so they take the most mainstream icons they can get, in this case the New York Yankees, in another ad, Kate Upton.

With the Kate Upton ad, she carries the ad enough that you don’t need to see much skateboard to get on board with the lifestyle…the lifestyle in which you get to see Kate Upton do yoga if you’re a hip hop skater or a cockroach. Yankee Stadium is no Kate Upton though. Not even old Yankee Stadium. They have to show some skateboarding tricks in the stadium, which feels dangerous, like having sex with Kate Upton.

We bet the next Zoo York ad consists of skateboarders jumping off a ramp made of Amanda Bynes and landing on Lindsay Lohan. That’ll make anyone buy a skateboard.

via YouTube

  • COED Writer