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Teenager Builds Submarine, Way Cooler Than Crappy Car Your Folks Gave You


If you kept all the arts and crafts crap and putrid science projects you were required to build starting from your kindergarten days to the present, you would either have to rent a warehouse to store all the stuff or enough products to open your own IKEA.

One New Jersey kid, however, may have built the science project to end all science projects: his own submarine, according to the (New Jersey) Star-Ledger.

Eighteen-year-old Justin Beckerman turned a cluster of lights, ballasts, air compressors and wire into a working, one-man submarine he can actually pilot around Lake Hopatcong (Fun fact: the New Jersey lake is named for an old Powhatan word that means “‘You lookin’ at my girlfriend?”). Beckerman’s 9-foot-long sub took five months to design and build and is made from spare parts taken from previous inventions such as a remote control car mounted with an airsoft gun, miniature boat and even his own amusement park ride (a beach chair suspended from wires). It can only hold one operator, but it offers an impressive view whether you’re sitting in the driver’s seat and looking through the plexiglass bubble dome or on the shore and watching footage on a TV courtesy of the wireless feed from the submarine’s mounted camera. Ladies and gentlemen, I think we may have found the perfect solution to the U.S. Navy’s budget problems.

Via Gizmodo/Photo Credit: Saed Hindash, The Star-Ledger

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