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“Stricter Security” At Indy 500 Sure Feels Like A Money Grab [VIDEO]


Though it’s a good idea to beef up security for big events after the Boston Marathon bombing, charging for parking doesn’t make sense

The excuse that Indy 500 spokesman Doug Boles used is that by charging for parking now, police can better track who comes into the event.

We’re calling shenanigans. You know when you park at a major sporting event and the minimum wage parking attendant who has a huge stake in doing their job well makes sure to examine whether or not you’re a potential homegrown terrorist? And all those cops hanging out with the parking attendant do that too?

Right, we didn’t think so. This feels like a huge money grab under cover of rational security measures. Kind of like the deal the TSA struck with the hygiene industry so you have to buy new toothpaste and shampoo every time you travel by plane.

And of course the news media covered this dutifully so most Indy 500 fans will think they’re paying a freedom tax.

via YouTube

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