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Make Your Own Flavored Beer with a French Press


Beer that tastes like beer will always be my favorite. But every once in a while, I like to give my growing alcoholism the chance to experience other flavors before rehab forces us to go our separate ways.

Unfortunately, most flavored beers aren’t very good because they taste like they were mixed with some chemically processed sugary extract, vomited into the bottle by a machine rather than delicately poured and stirred by human hands. There’s also the added embarrassment of having to buy them in public. Walking to the register with something that looks like a cross between Bud Light and Hi-C Ecto Cooler just screams to the world, “This guy can’t drink!”

But Serious Eats found a way to add a new taste to your favorite brews without having to build a Breaking Bad-esque chemistry set.

In fact, the most complicated piece of cookery you need is a French press. If you’re as big of a caffeine addict as me, chances are you already have one and a spare stored in a breakable glass emergency case. Serious Eats also offers suggestions for new beer flavors to try like a coffee and oak beer made from North Coast Old Rasputin and a coconut and cocoa nibs flavored beer made from (the always fun to say) Arrogant Bastard Ale.

Via Lifehacker/Photo Credit: Louis Tovar, Serious Eats

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