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‘The Law Of The Jungle’ Is The First Trailer We’ve Seen From ‘Destiny’ [VIDEO]


This is far from the first time that we’ve ever talked about Bungie’s new super-project Destiny, but the company just released the first trailer. And it’s directed by Jon Favreau (so you know that it’s important).

From the video:

As a Guardian of the City sets out on an epic, action-packed adventure to reclaim our Solar System, he recalls the moment when he was first taught the most important lesson of all — The Law of the Jungle.

The trailer is definitely exciting but we’re going to try and hold our breath for E3. Sony’s going to debuting the first gameplay on the PS4.

And also, despite what Bungie says, this “Law of the Jungle” is the first trailer they’ve released for the game. For some reason, they think that a behind-the-scenes “documentary” about the making of the game constitues the use of the word “trailer.”

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