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Fired Faster: Topping-Eating Pizza Delivery Guy or Bathroom-Toting Snow Cone Vendor?


A lot of people are getting fired this week, and we can’t decide who should get the ax faster. So we’re going to have YOU decide after watching both videos below.

Contestant #1: The Bathroom-Toting Snow Cone Vendor

A fan using the loo at a Houston Astros game got a less-than-appetizing surprise. Rather than placing his treats in, I don’t know, a freezer or something while he took a bathroom break, this Minute Maid Park snow cone vendor brought his merchandise into the stall with him. Obviously disgusted, the fan shot a video of the snow cones at the vendor’s feet and angrily told a bathroom attendant what was up. “That’s real talk.”

Contestant #2: The Topping-Eating Pizza Delivery Guy

Looks like someone had a case bad case of the munchies. A pizza delivery guy in Saint Petersburg, Russia was caught eating toppings off a customer’s pie by an elevator security camera. And although he was supposedly “punished to the full extent,” it still doesn’t reverse the damage of eating something fingered by a complete stranger.

Who should be fired faster? Let us know, take the poll below.

COED Writer