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Bodypaint Babe Bonanza: Memorial Day Edition 2013 [54 PHOTOS]


Usually one of the events leading up to Memorial Day is Fleet Week, a weeklong period during which Navy vessels dock in New York City and thousands of sailors try and steal our women. But thanks to the sequester, this is no longer an issue. YAY for billions of dollars of debt!

But seriously, we can joke about Naval officers hitting on our girlfriends all we want but the sad truth is that it’s kind of a shame they didn’t get a chance to party in the Big City. These are the people risking both life and limb for our safety and freedom.

So this Memorial Day, try and take some time to remember the people who aren’t around to drink that American Flag Bud Heavy can with you.

COED Writer
President / Executive Editor - COED Media Group. NYC via Austin, Texas.