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What’s On Tap This Weekend: Brooklyn Summer Ale – Just As Biggie Said “Big Ups to Brooklyn!”


What’s On Tap This Weekend brought to you every Thursday by beer guru Professor JW Faulkner. Test his knowledge on Twitter @EngProfJW.

We can have the East Coast / West Coast rap debate till the end of time and never have any certainly of who was better, Biggie or Tupac. But what I can say with certainly is that if Biggie were alive today he would trade that 40 oz Malt beer for what’s on tap this weekend – Brooklyn Brewery’s Summer Ale!

Brooklyn Summer Ale is a great summer beer because it is light, crisp, and not too heavy on the alcohol (5%). This crisp Summer Ale is a great alternative to those macro tasteless brews you typically drink throughout the summer months. Perfect for when you are just getting out of the ocean after trying to impress a chick who you thought was 19 but who is really an over-developed 13 year old by body surfing and riding waves and you need to quickly comatose.

My recommendation, Brooklyn Summer Ale goes with many different dishes, awesome with seafood, burgers, as a great “Happy Hour” brew, but I suggest that you try this brew with some type of spicy / jerk chicken dish. The light citrus and crispness will pair nicely with the spiciness of the chicken. Maybe invite your chick over and cook dinner. Try inviting her over early, have a few Summer Ales and even if you can’t cook it will impress her enough to make a few decisions that require the morning after pill.

Beer Stats:

Alcohol by Volume: 5.0%

IBUs: 18

Color: Golden / Straw

Malts: Two row British malts

Hops: German Perle and American Cascade, Fuggle and Amarillo

  • COED Writer