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Video Game Programmers Hide Dirty Message in Classics


Video game programmers had it pretty rough back in the days of the arcade and home console. They could only produce a limited number of colors and forced you to pretend a dot was a massive, planet destroying space cruiser.

They spent long, grueling hours in front of computers reeking havoc on their nervous and circulatory systems. They earned a meager paycheck because they were starting out in an industry that itself was new to the business world. Then on top of all that, they probably weren’t getting laid much, if at all, thanks to their rampant nerdiness that fueled passion for coding and the video game industry to this very day.

So it really shouldn’t be that big of a surprise some of these very clever code drones left little hilarious, scathing and even downright filthy message hidden in the corners of some of history’s most famous video games, according to Wired.

Some of the hidden coding gems include a line of morse code in the action racer “Chase H.Q” that turned out to be one of the programmer’s digital signatures, a swipe at a computer company over a legal battle in “Ms. Pac Man” and a somewhat obscene ode to a certain part of the female anatomy in an awful Famicom game.

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