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Lake Havasu Memorial Day Weekend is All About Pasties and Thongs [PHOTOS]


What are you doing this weekend for Memorial Day? If you’re on the west coast, have access to a boat, and enjoy things like beer, loud music, and girls wearing very little (seriously, nipple pasties are like the enforced dress code), you might want to check out Lake Havasu in Arizona. Not only is it one of the trashiest spring break destinations, the party continues all the way through the summer.

There are a few drawbacks to going though. First (and most importantly) STDs. Any chick who’s willing to do what chicks at Lake Havasu do probably isn’t classified as clean. Second, are the classless douches you’d have to put up with.

You know what? On second thought just make other plans. I’ve heard vegas is beautiful this time of year. You can enjoy the lake scenery in the gallery below.

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