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Who’d You Rather Take To Prom? Kate Upton vs. Nina Agdal [PHOTOS + POLL]


As you may or may not remember, it was a pretty “hip” (note the use of quotations to emphasize sarcasm) thing to ask hot celebrities to events. Sgt. Scot Moore was first on the scene when he asked Mila Kunis to join him at the Marine Ball, but then everyone started doing it and the gag became stale.

Now, almost two years later, high school nerd Jake Davidson is still pulling this tired sh*t. And what’s even worse is that it’s working. Originally he had made a video publicly asking Kate Upton to his Senior Prom. This video went viral because of course it did (Kate Upton is like crack and Jake is unapologetically awful).

But then Kate earned some serious COED points by rejecting him, a fact that Jake revealed to (TMZ wasn’t offering more money for the scoop?). That’s when things started getting interesting.

Instead of getting the buxom bombshell as his arm candy, now Nina Agdal’s going with Jake. How? We’re not so sure. All we do know is that Inside Edition is doing a segment that’ll air sometime soon and it’s highly likely they could have stepped in on Jake’s behalf.

At least that’s what we’re hoping.

But who’d you rather take to prom? Kate or Nina? Check out the photos below and give us your answer in the poll at the bottom.

FYI: Westboro Baptist Church if you’re reading this (which I sort of kind of hope you aren’t) and are looking for something to protest, the prom is tonight.

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