Axe Hair And Celebrity Groomer Amy Komorowski On Bagging An Internship [VIDEO]

Axe Hair flew in Amy Komorowski, famed celebrity stylist and groomer, all the way from Cannes, France to do my hair in anticipation for the movie The Internship. As I’m trying to bag an internship myself, I was pretty excited to have some of Hollywood’s best hands working deep in my roots. Naturally, I dressed in my cleanest-pressed tuxedo t-shirt for the occasion.

Check out a recap of the excitement above.

Axe Hair has added some pretty amazing new products to their men’s grooming line-up. So if you’re heading out to an important interview, be on the lookout for Messy Look Gravity Defying Dust (to add volume) and Reset Waterless Shampoo (which I just used to go to the #AbsolutLunchBreak party because I’m a mess and didn’t shower) in addition to the new packaging they’ve added for their already existing products.

For the record, I did not get a call back from any of the internships I applied for. That’s good news for you because I’m actually accepting summer internship resumes at [email protected]

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