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Axe Hair And Celebrity Groomer Amy Komorowski On Bagging An Internship [VIDEO]


Axe Hair flew in Amy Komorowski,¬†famed celebrity stylist and groomer, all the way from Cannes, France to do my hair in anticipation for the movie The Internship. As I’m trying to bag an internship myself, I was pretty excited to have some of Hollywood’s best hands working deep in my roots. Naturally, I dressed in my cleanest-pressed tuxedo t-shirt for the occasion.

Check out a recap of the excitement above.

Axe Hair has added some pretty amazing new products to their men’s grooming line-up. So if you’re heading out to an important interview, be on the lookout for Messy Look Gravity Defying Dust (to add volume) and Reset Waterless Shampoo (which I just used to go to the #AbsolutLunchBreak party because I’m a mess and didn’t shower) in addition to the new packaging they’ve added for their already existing products.

For the record, I did not get a call back from any of the internships I applied for. That’s good news for you because I’m actually accepting summer internship resumes at

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