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Final ‘Man Of Steel’ Trailer Is Filled With General Zod Goodness [TRAILER]


No Lex Luthor? No problem. General Zod is in the house and from the looks of it is going to meteor shower the sh*t out of Metropolis.

Michael Shannon of Revelotionary Road and Boardwalk Empire fame is playing the supervillian in the film. Him alongside Lawrence Fishburne, Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner, Amy Adams and Henry Cavill as Superman should mean good things for this summer blockbuster.

If Man Of Steel ends up being anything like the 17-hour long massive dump taken on your grandfather’s chest that was Superman Returns, it may be time to retire the movie franchise for good. However, Christopher Nolan has yet to be involved in a bad production. We should be alright even if director Zach Snyder decides to go more Dawn Of The Dead on us than 300.

COED Writer