See Her Tonight [Bitsie Tulloch On GRIMM]

Bitsie Tulloch on Grimm

(10 PM EST, NBC)

It’s your God given right to tune in this evening to gaze at the drop dead gorgeous Bitsie Tulloch on an all new Grimm. Bitsie stars as Juliette Silverton and on tonight’s Season Finale, Nick enlists help from Monroe and Rosalee while investigating attacks involving the “undead” in Portland. No word if the “undead” in Portland are really just hipsters being hipsters and not having a soul.

The lovely Miss Tulloch was born a California girl in San Diego but grew up abroad in Spain, Uruguay and Argentina. You may have seen her before in The West Wing, House and in the Academy Award winning film, The Artist. Be sure to give Bitsie a follow and say hello on Twitter @BitsieTulloch.

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