Multiple Videos And Coverage Of The Devestating Oklahoma Tornado

If you have access to a TV, newspaper or computer you obviously know of the extremely sad and terrifying situation the unfortunate people in Oklahoma had to endure yesterday. A F4 tornado spanning the width of two miles and with 200+ MPH winds at it’s strongest point touched down on the Oklahoma City suburb yesterday afternoon during its 22 mile run over 40 minutes.

So far there are 51 confirmed dead, but sadly that number is expected to rise and even more horrifying is the victims are expected to be school children as the tornado absolutely devastated an elementary school.

Our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to those in Oklahoma.

Time lapsed video of the tornado:

Newscast interrupted to find shelter:

Watch an elder woman thankfully pull her beloved dog from the wreckage live on-air.

And not to make light of the situation at all, but we had to post this young gentleman being interviewed in his favorite shirt.

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