Is This a Good Idea? New “Star Wars” Cartoon Coming to The Disney Channel

There is something deliciously ironic about The Walt Disney Company owning all that is Star Wars. A movie trilogy that tries to teach mankind about the ills of succumbing to a cynical, abusive empire that rules its critics with an iron fist is now under the wing of a cynical, abusive empire that rules its critics with an iron fist.

Of course, the two aren’t identical twins. The Star Wars empire mercilessly killed an untold number of innocent people in the name of preserving its power. The Walt Disney World empire still allows the “It’s a Small World” ride to remain in operation, even though some UN inspectors consider it a weapon of torture in violation of its Torture Convention.

Now, Disney has announced it’s developing an animated Star Wars series, Rebels, to fill the void left by the cancellation of Clone Wars on Cartoon Network. But this time, the show will air on The Disney Channel.

Once again we ask the question, “Is this a good idea?” Here are some of the positives and negatives to help weigh your final vote.

– Because Disney owns Pixar, its own computer animation studio and an entire army of lost souls who work around the clock, it’s bound to look really good.

– Because it takes place between the third and fourth episodes, there will be one less movie we have to endure that will only serve to disappoint our hopes of ever having another good Star Wars experience in theaters.

– Given the Disney Channel’s incessant need to cross-promote everything they’ve ever done, there’s a good chance we could see Hannah Montana or one of the Corey Twins die in a lightsaber battle.

– Get ready for an onslaught of endless merchandise opportunities that will make George Lucas’ attempts to squeeze every last buck out of his creation look like a handful of couch cushion change.

– Disney is way too family-friendly for something with the potential to be as edgy as Star Wars. We’re bound to get a sickly sweet, sanitized show that will make Clone Wars look like the Saw movies.

– Eventually, they’ll try to wedge the new show into their “Star Tours” rides, making you long for the days when the escalator at Coney Island was considered a thrill ride.

What’s your opinion on the new series? Give us your feedback below.

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