See Her Tonight [Kat Foster On THE GOODWIN GAMES]

Kat Foster on The Goodwin Games

(8:30 PM EST, FOX)

Start off your week on the right foot by tuning into see the beautiful Kat Foster on the brand new series, The Goodwin Games. Kat stars as Lucinda on the show that revolves around three heirs who are to their father’s fortune standing to make millions if they can adhere to his will, but they have to complete in a series of unusual challenges and learn to act as a loving family again. Because there is nothing like money to bring an estranged family back together who was probably torn apart by money.

The lovely Miss Foster hails from California and has been an actress for some time now. You may have seen her before on Weeds, Law & Order: SVU and starring on the show ‘Til Death. Be sure to give her a follow and a shout out on Twitter @KittyKatFoster.

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