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Which Of These Marvel Movies Do You Think Is Actually In The Pipeline? [PHOTOS]


So now that a third Iron Man movie’s out, Marvel’s talking about what other comic book characters they plan to roll out. We would link to the article, but we’d rather have you guess from this list.

Marvel’s evolution from nerd icon to Hollywood whore hasn’t been more apparent than with the Incredible Hulk franchise, which they keep trying out with different directors and lead actors. Ruffalo was fine in The Avengers, but we doubt he could carry an entire movie about the Hulk. Marvel might try it anyway because they know enough people will buy tickets for them to break even and Marvel seems to enjoy treating audiences like focus groups anyway.

Seeing how Dr. Seuss books are being pimped out similarly to comic book classics, we could even see the first hybrid movie soon, too.

Check out these pics, and feel free to comment on which ones you think are real.

  • COED Writer