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See Her Tonight [Zoe Saldana On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon]


Zoe Saldana on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

(12:30 AM EST, NBC)

Spend your late night wisely by tuning into see the beautiful Zoe Saldana on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Zoe is presumably going to be talking about her film, Star Trek Into Darkness, which is being released today. Also it’s assumed she is going to be looking like a certified smokeshow and there’s a good chance her and Jimmy will find a way to do something creative and have it go viral.

The lovely Miss Saldana was born in New Jersey but spent the majority of her childhood being raised in Queens, NY. You have seen her starring in such films as Star Trek, Pirates Of The Caribbean and Avatar. Be sure to give Zoe a shout out and a follow on Twitter @zoesaldana.

  • COED Writer