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The Best Of Tyson Chandler’s Celebration GIFs [#GIFSTAPE]


So the Knicks live to play another day, no thanks to really anyone except George Hill who has a concussion and Carmelo Anthony who shot well for the first time in what seems like forever.

The funny thing is, the one moment of the game that stood out the most to me (besides JR’s incredible swan song) was the dunk that Lance Stephenson tried to make on Tyson Chandler. That’s called crazy. You don’t try and yam (silent “J” there) it on an ex-Defensive Player of the Year when he’s trapped in a corner foaming at the mouth. That’s called “stupid.” Or “baffling” if you’re Walt Frazier.

So even though Chandler finished the night with only 2 points and 8 boards, he’s the recipient of today’s honors.

Carmelo GIFsTape | Mike Woodson GIFsTape | JR Smith GIFsTape

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