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Man Gets Angry At Girlfriend, Does Logical Thing & Cuts Off His Own Penis


Makes sense. You cut off your nose to spite your face and you cut off your dick to spite your girlfriend. That’ll show her.

The unnamed victim from Taiwan was enjoying a delightful day of drinking when his woman started to get on him for being drunk in the middle of the afternoon. Which doesn’t make sense because if you’re not hammered on a weekday by the time The Price Is Right is finished, you’re just not trying in life.

The man, fed up with his girlfriend’s chastising, decided the proper way to get back at her was to grab a pair of scissors, go to the bathroom, cut off his penis, flush it down the toilet then enjoy a nice, long nap.

No word on how much he regretted his decision on a scale of 1-10 once he came through. Possibly infinity.

  • COED Writer