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Headset Claims Brain Electrocution Makes You a Better Gamer


The brain is really a mystery. You would be surprised to discover what mankind still doesn’t know about the brain. It would not surprise me if some neurologists held a press conference to announce they have discovered our brains are operated by magical dwarves in hamster wheels who have to drink Windex to keep our motor skills sharp.

Some companies and products claim they have unlocked some magic part of the brain the world’s top scientists didn’t even know existed, and they can help you improve your concentration or memory if you just plunk down a bunch of money for their new product. I would just be happy if someone could invent something that makes my brain remember how hungover I felt the last time I tried to snort a shot of J├Ągermeister.

This time, the folks at tDCS claim they’ve invented a device that can “increase cognitive performance in healthy adults” simply by wearing it on your head. They call it the “”

This four-pronged device sits on top of your head like a visor with nodes positioned on the opposite sides of your forehead. tDCS claims these nodes deliver a powerful electric shock to your brain’s prefrontal cortex that can increase your ability to react to your virtual surroundings and create the “ultimate gaming experience.” The guys at Engadget tested out an early prototype and didn’t notice much of a difference in their concentration levels or ability to react to certain stimuli after using it for just a short amount of time. I could go into more detail but I was distracted by these Kate Upton gifs instead.

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