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Brazil is Way Ahead of Us in the Development of Heat-Activated Pizza Smell DVDs


America may be one of the world’s only remaining superpowers, but we’re far from being the most technologically adept society on this giant water balloon we call Earth. Sure we have stuff like iPods and iPhones and high speed Internet that can deliver pornography at speeds never imagined before by our horny ancestors, but other societies do have high-tech things we don’t.

What’s even worse is one of the countries beating us in the technology race is located in South America, a country so behind us that they are literally south of us.

Down there, Dominos Pizza has teamed with DVD manufacturers to create a disc that can smell like a freshly baked pizza when it’s hot, presumably to remind Dominos’ customers what truly fresh pizza smells like while they are eating their pizza.

The movie buffs down there rent a movie such as “Argo” or any of the films from “The Dark Knight Trilogy” and play it in their DVD player. Then when the movie is done and they take the disc out, the heat from the DVD releases the pizza scent into their nostrils. The top of the disc has also been treated with a special thermal ink, so they will see their DVD has been magically transformed into a pizza. It’s quite shocking that America, land of the bacon stuffed crust pizza hot dog donut, doesn’t have this yet. That’s probably because some of us would actually try to eat the disc thinking our DVD player is some kind of magic pizza dehydrator like the one the McFly family had in “Back to the Future Part II.”

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