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What’s on Tap This Weekend: Founders Breakfast Stout – If You Don’t Know Now You Know


“What’s On Tap?” our weekly feature on beers we think you’ll like, written by By The Professor JW Faulkner. You can follow him on Twitter here (@EngProfJW).

Despite being well aware that most of you, when you drink beer, have one single intention in mind and that is to get more Blitzed than London in 1940. But as your professor of beerology I feel that it is my job to educate you a bit. I understand that many of you will never be refined gentlemen but that does not mean you shouldn’t stop trying, not dress the part, or at least have a refined beverage in your hand; and though you might be nothing more than a cooze-hound (speaking for 100% of the male population) you should at least try and trick your chick into thinking there is something more to you than your love of puntange; which brings me to this week’s beer.

Founders Breakfast Stout might be the finest Stout on the market. Founders, the flagship brewery of Grand Rapids, MI, and “Beer City USA’s” current 2-time defending champion, has many brews that are worth purchasing but Breakfast Stout is their crowning achievement. Yes, I have been on an IPA / Summer Ale kick of late but this brew is perfection. It is full of coffee smell and flavor and has just a hint of smokiness. I know I know it sounds like hipster-ale but I promise one pint and you will be hooked. Despite its high ABV, 8.3%, it is light with a chocolate taste that lingers. Not only do I love the coffee flavor but this brew is exactly like the way the little girl from Airplane takes her coffee, Black… like her men.

Here is my recommendation, take your chick out to a nice meal this weekend (will be a welcomed change from your usual Friday night at Olive Garden). Order a prime cut of steak and have a Breakfast Stout with your meal; the coffee and steak will balance each other out perfectly. Regardless if you are a fan of lighter ales or IPAs give Breakfast Stout a try; doesn’t matter what season this dark-coffee brew is phenomenal!

Beer Stats:

Alcohol by Volume: 8.3%

Hop Bitterness (IBU’s): 60

Color (SRM): Dark / Black

Coffee: Sumatra and Kona coffee

  • COED Writer