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This Is How Dudes Would Feel If They Went Into Labor [MEMES]


So scientists have figured out how to make men feel the pain of delivering a baby.

You know, instead of curing cancer or helping football players recover faster from a nasty ligament tear, they built a torture device of testicular doom. Or more like abdominal doom, as the scientists put a bunch of electrodes on the dudes’ stomachs.

The idea is to make men feel a woman’s pain, which will supposedly make men more understanding of women. Here at COED, we’re waiting for the scientific breakthrough that allows for test tube babies so women can keep their figures longer. Oh yeah, and so they can compete equally in the workplace or something. We’re willing to empathize with women, but we’re more willing to empathize with the men going through these pain simulations.

Here are some things we figure any man would be thinking while enduring such an unspeakably unnecessary trial.

via Yahoo

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