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Australian TV Host Pulls an “Anchorman,” Screws With Teleprompter


Network morning news shows are the lounges of broadcast journalism. The people who watch them are either hungover or still waking up, and both lack the cognitive capacity to understand complex, global issues like nuclear disarmament or the capital gains tax. So the hosts are allowed to keep things looser than the evening news programs normally would, which explains why the morning news shows are seemingly made for people who suffer from brain disorders between the hours of 5 and 10 a.m.

Australia’s morning news shows, however, seem to be looser than a pair of Kirstie Alley’s jeans on Molly Sims’ model-grade butt.

Take, for instance, their version of the Today show in which the hosts are allowed to pull pranks live on the air. This time, host Karl Stefanovic fiddled with the copy to be read by co-host Roz Kelly in their sports segment. He pulls a “Veronica Corningstone” by rewriting copy to ask the question “how good are the [hash] cookies there?” As her teleprompter spit it out, she read it just as instructed because TV hosts’ brains usually aren’t that sharp to begin with.

This caused Stefanovic to burst out into the kind of balls-deep laughter men usually reserve for The Three Stooges marathons and inappropriately-timed dirty jokes as his red-faced presenter vowed to get her revenge. We can’t wait for her to, as the cool kids say, “bring it.”

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