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Cars Could Have Automatic Braking, Giving You One More Excuse to Text While Driving


Every car owner and smartphone user knows the potential for distractions behind the wheel. The things can surf the web, hook us up to our favorite podcasts and radio shows, read us our emails and even play our favorite programs – and that’s just the cars.

It’s a shame technology hasn’t caught up as fast to the car as it has to the cell phone industry. I’m tempted to use the old “putting the cart before the horse” cliche here, but not even horse-drawn cart manufacturers would be that stupid.

Still, the times are finally catching up to our days of distracted driving. Some companies are actually working on a car that can stop itself before the driver has time to put down whatever cat video he or she is watching on YouTube and apply the brakes to avoid an accident, according to Automotive News. They reported that new National Highway Traffic Safety Administrator David Strickland announced his agency is very close to calling for an increase in cars with automatic braking.

Both Volvo and Mercedes-Benz have developed technology that allows the car to detect when it is time to brake and stop itself. Studies show insurance companies have seen a 16 percent drop in claims since these cars took to the roads. We’re sure if they looked a little deeper into the study, they would find an increase in the viewing of Internet pornography on public highways as well, but that’s another issue for another day.

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