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Xbox Points Are Going the Way of The Shekel, Dinar and Camel Cash


Gamers are the midst of a glorious changing of the guard as the next generation of consoles are being rolled out right before their unbelieving, bloodshot and poorly focused eyes.

Nintendo and Sony have already announced how they plan to beat each others’ financial assets to a pulp with their new consoles with only Microsoft to unveil its next money sucking, time wasting game delivery device. Of course, the only thing game companies love more than their customers’ undying admiration is making them jump for the next piece of meat like an easily amused dog owner with a fistful of ham.

Their latest piece of tasty meat comes in the way their customers will be able to purchase games and other forms of entertainment through their consoles. Xbox 360 players have been putting up with the annoying point system for years now and it seems that the outdated method of giving Microsoft money for points you’ll never use and never have enough of are bound to become dust in the virtual wind, according to The Verge.

The website reported that Microsoft’s next console won’t require its players to chunk down real cash or credit for points that they can exchange for virtual goods and services. Instead, they can either purchase redeemable gift cards or one sold price with their credit or debit cards. This is very welcome news to someone like me who has an uneven number of MS Points just sitting on their console that they may or may not be able to use without having to purchase more points. Of course, I’d prefer some kind of check in the mail but this will do nicely.

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