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Did ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith or Skip Bayless Cut A Massive Fart on the Air?


The front page of the newspaper is filled with so many disheartening scandals that it’s no wonder so many people are escaping to the back sections to create outrage over things that don’t really matter like sports. Now, it seems that not even the sports section is safe from the massive, stinky bombs that are being laid by the very same people who are charged with reporting and analyzing it.

Take, for instance, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless who already do a good job of stinking up the airwaves with their misguided, over-the-top outrage over which brainless jock can throw a ball farther or faster. It seems that the hot air that their bodies regularly produce had so much overflow that it had to come out and couldn’t wait for their microphones to be turned off as they went to a commercial.

Deadspin (click on link to see video) caught a clip of their appearance on a recent episode of “First Take” and what sounded like a huge fart live on the air.

Host Cari Champion attempts to throw a teaser out to bring the show to a commercial when somebody’s mic captures a very loud, obnoxious and (dare I say it?) hilarious sounding booty scooter. So far, no one has claimed credit for committing the corn shooter but it has to be Bayless or Smith because their constant, phony outrage makes them look like they are one bran muffin away from exploding anyway.

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