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Mark Cuban Wants You to Help Design His Team’s Uniforms, Is His Hairstyle Next?


There was a time when Mark Cuban’s Dallas Mavericks were practically guaranteed a spot in every season’s NBA playoffs just by stepping on the court. Since then, it’s been a struggle just to make it that far. They’ve lost some pretty big names from their roster such as Jason Kidd and Derek Fisher and there have even been more than one occasion when the rumor mill started circulating stories that its star power forward Dirk Nowitzki could jump ship that he had to assure the fans that his heart remains in Dallas.

The team needs a bit of a makeover. Unfortunately, Cuban misunderstood the word “makeover.”

He announced on his “blog maverick” blog that he wants to design some new uniforms for his players for the 2015-16 season and he’s asking for help from the fans. The winning design or designs won’t get anything special for their ideas other than “bragging rights” and the chance to “put your signature design on the Dallas Mavs and the NBA.”

I’m sure that the average Mavs fan would rather have the ability to brag about having another championship ring on their proverbial finger than their ability to make a successful fashion statement.

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