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Giants Fan Commits the Most Hilarious Stadium Ejection Involving Their Pants


Sports fans have been ejected from stadiums probably since the days of the Roman Empire when unruly attendees threw off their togas and sprinted across the gladiator field in a moment of attention grabbing glory.

So ejecting someone who lost control of their pants at a major sporting venue wouldn’t be considered news that’s out of the ordinary. This moment at San Francisco’s AT&T Park, however, deserves special mention.

The Giants’ Brandon Crawford smacked a line drive down the third base line that bounced into foul territory but remained a fair ball for one of the Atlanta Braves’ fielders to scoop out and throw for an out. However, an unidentified Giants fan thought the loose ball as foul and literally jumped at the chance to lean over the railing and take home a souvenir ball. His pants, however, seemed to realize before he did that taking a fair ball wasn’t a good idea because they stayed in the stands while the fan leaned over the fence to grab the fair ball.

His moment of glory was short-lived since his fellow fans started booing him for stealing a fair ball that found a piece of the field with no defenders around it. He tries to atone for his stupidity by throwing the ball back but a stadium security guard escorts him out of the park much to the chagrin of Giants and Braves fans. So he may have ruined an important MLB game but he also accomplished something positive with his stupidity: bridging the divide between two heated groups of sports fans.

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