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The Best Youtube Comments From Newt Gingrich’s Absurd Video About What ‘Smartphones’ Are Called


We do a great job of keeping the politics off the pages of COED but this new video from Newt Gingrich to his “fans” about what they should call a smartphone needs to be addressed.

Bro. I honestly could care less if you don’t know what a smartphone is but if you’re telling me that not one of your incompetent staff had to turn in his ID badge and “horseless telephone” after this gaff, something’s wrong.

And don’t try and tell me that this video was made for viral purposes. The majority of people who care about Newt couldn’t tell you how to spell YouTube, let alone use it.


Newt should have asked this question about what to call it when you keep leaving your sick wives.

“So having failed for several days to come up with an adequate term for the actions we call ‘that sh*t’s fucked up right there’, we want to open up the discussion (and maybe marriage) up to you. Let us know what you think and if you would be willing to fuck an angry, racist bag of bread dough in the comments below and Newt will feature the best ones on his penis.”


I propose calling it a “horseless telephone.”


CompuPhone, phoneputer, unlimited potential machine. Or we just stick with smartphone.


This is more embarrassing than a sex scandal could ever be. It’s time to retire, Newt.


It’s a spaceship. Now everyone, get in. I SAID GET IN.


is it just me or does he Nazi salute at 02:15 ?

Mark Phippard

Was this meant to go up on April 1st and they couldn’t figure out how to post to YouTube or something?

Michael Carney

Go to Wikipedia and search smartphone.

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