British College Will Let Students Major In Heavy Metal–Minor In Headbanging

The almighty Droz from “PCU” once said, “You can major in Game Boy if you know how to bullsh*t.” That means that someone could major in “Bullsh*tting” if they can use their awesome powers of bullsh*ttery to convince some poor college that “bullsh*tting” is a viable career option. They could also just get an equivalent degree by enrolling in business school.

It seems, however, that we are inching closer to that day when you can get a BA in BS since we’re running out of things you can actually get a degree in that legitimately shocks people. The latest comes from New College Nottingham in England where music students can earn their degree in heavy metal music.

The BBC reported that a music performance lecturer designed the course to teach interested students in the proper method of composing heavy metal songs and the role it has played in music history and other forms of media. He hopes that his course will help people take heavy metal music more seriously. Considering the fact that we’re covering it on this site, I’d say that his plan is pretty much a failure so far.

Of course, some don’t think a heavy metal degree course is a good idea since it’s hard to know exactly what a student would do with a heavy metal college degree in the real world. I assume they would use it to separate lines of coke on but they mean for employment opportunities. Again, technically doling out coke lines can also be considered a job opportunity in this wintery economic climate but they probably mean jobs that can be legally taxed.

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