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Have You Met Lil Dicky Yet? [VIDEO]


Forget Macklemore, this dude is the future of white boy hip hop

Here’s the thing: Macklemore’s good. “Thrift Shop” is a great song. “Can’t Hold Us” is great too. But “Can’t Hold Us” feels like Macklemore’s going through a Black Eyed Peas style transition into Wedding Pop at lightning speed. He lacks self-awareness and is essentially a pasty male model waiting for a Coca Cola deal so he can support pet environmental causes.

That’s fine, but Lil Dicky just burst on the scene with flow, humor, and self-awareness…the most important thing for a white boy trying to rock the mic. You need to know that you’re a bit of a poser for co-opting black music, unless you’re some weird British street thug.

Dicky’s breakout, viral hit, “Ex-Boyfriend,” is dope. He’s a bit annoying when he sings the chorus in a nasal, repetitive melody, but the lyrics are funny enough to neutralize it.

And that chick in the video, Melissa Soria is smokin’. That’s another thing that makes Dicky surpass Macklemore, who shows himself in his pajamas 40% more often than he shows scantily clad chicks. If you haven’t seen Melissa Soria yet, check out pics of her here.

COED Writer