The Teaser For ‘Gravity’ Looks Terrifyingly Terrific [TRAILER]

We had the foresight to include Gravity in our 30 Most Anticipated Movies Of 2013, and now you know why. The description we gave then is even more punctuated by the actual teaser trailer:

What could be the most anticipated movie among film buffs might also be creeping under everyone else’s radar. Set on a space shuttle that’s been hit by debris, a scientist attempts to return to Earth. Alfonso Cuaron directed Children of Men and rumors have it that the opening shot is supposed to be something crazy like 17 minutes long. The only thing that people are unsure of is the casting of Sandra Bullock and whether or not she’ll be able to handle a role that doesn’t involve a 6’8″ black kid.

Anybody who saw Children Of Men should be ECSTATIC about Alfonso Cuaron’s first project since the 2006 movie. That flick should go down as one of the most underrated movies of this generation. Now Cuaron dabbles in an epic adventure featuring Danny Ocean and the chick from Speed in a space version of Cast Away. Can he pull it off? All signs are pointing to yes.

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