Kate Upton Is On The Cover Of The American Vogue For The First Time Ever [PHOTOS]

Memorial Day be damn*d, you know that it’s summer when Kate Upton starts doing the circuits of magazine covers. Her Spanish Vogue debut around this time last year was such a hit that it makes perfect sense for the US publication of Vogue to hop onboard. And considering the last time we saw Kate was the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, it’s about time  we see some more of her.

Anyways, unlike her last hiatus where she returned with bunny rabbits and babies, Kate’s looking pretty slim in these new photos. I’ve never ever, ever had a problem with her curves but it’s worth noting her new look and short hair. I kind of like it.

So now that she’s done her “high fashion” piece for the season, every man on earth should be hoping that GQ’s got something else in store. In the meantime, we’ve got these Vogue photos to hold us over.

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