‘Carmageddon’ The Game That Made Vehicular Homicide Fun, Is Back and Free

The 90s were a fun time for gamers because it really didn’t take much to piss off people who hated video games. Back then, some self-righteous zealot could easily believe that Atari was training little ones to become hitmen simply because they saw a game that involved a black dot surrounded by a couple of red dots on a TV screen.

As the graphics slowly improved, designers didn’t have to leave so much of the more gruesome details to our imaginations. They could easily turn a cluster of colored dots into a pile of flying entrails or a disfigured mutant guzzling freshly blended brains out of a smoothie glass.

Now, one of the greatest video game offenders of its time is starting to make a comeback and you can relive the game that made your parents wish that boarding you up in your room until you turned 21 wasn’t a federal crime.

The twisted minds behind the original “Carmaggedon,” the futuristic racing game that awarded players points for destroying their opponents and whatever pedestrians happened to saunter into their vehicle’s path, re-released their classic original on the iPhone and Android phones. The iOS version is available for free for one day only.

The game’s re-release is part of a special promise that Stainless Games made to its fans who funded their Kickstarter project. The studio wants to do another game, “Carmageddon: Reincarnation,” and they raised over $620,000 in donations to make it happen. I’m sure that releasing the original game was just a way to keep the fans busy while they worked on such an ambitious project so they wouldn’t mow them down in the parking lot if they took too long to finish it.

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