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The Old Snoop Dogg Used to Pimp Playboy Playmates for Athletes


Part of me is glad that Snoop Lion has found inner peace but another part of me really misses the ol’ Snoop Dogg.

He was brash, irreverent and the textbook definition of a gangsta rapper. His rampant misogyny and perpetual stoner-ness made him the envy of college douchebags and gave parents another reason to fear the rise of easily accessible MP3 media. He’s left that life behind to become a wise old Rastafarian who doesn’t let life get to him and cranks out feel-good reggae albums and videos that still includes the occasional “ho” in the background.

Of course, being a “gangsta” means he had more than a man’s fair share of easily-accessible women and apparently, he had so much that he gave them out to his athlete friends like so much gift store chocolate in an office “Secret Santa” pool.

He told Rolling Stone Magazine that he used to pimp (in the strictest sense of the word) Playboy models to celebrities and athletes while they were hanging out and doing whatever (or should that be whoever?). He doesn’t identify who he helped hook up in the story but he noted that he became the Playboy pimp during a Playboy tour in which he “had a bus follow me with 10 bitches on it” and his friends would “pick and choose, and whichever one you like comes with a number.”

He insists that his “side business” was never about the money. He was just fulfilling a childhood dream. He said he wanted to do it since he was a kid when he “dreamed of being a pimp.” His school must have had one hell of a career day.

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