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Megan Fox Hops A Trampoline For ‘TMNT’ Because Michael Bay Knows How To Win You Over [GIF + PHOTOS]


Megan Fox has hopped right into the role of April O’Neil in Michael Bay’s version of Mutant Ninja Turtles–literally. She was caught filming a scene in New York City in what looks like a “puff piece” for her character reporter April O’Neil wearing ankle weights, yoga pants and… well, all you should really care about are the yoga pants and the trampoline bouncy action. The fact that she’s sans yellow jacket shouldn’t really bother you all that much.

Since the announcement of the movie, there’s been a lot of backlash. Michael Bay has announced that the turtles will now be aliens, not mutants. His casting of Megan didn’t go over too well either, mostly because fans wanted a redhead (and because some people just hate Megan Fox).

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