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If Films Had Kept Their Working Titles, These Would Be Their Movie Posters [PICS]


As we explained to you in our 20 Things You Didn’t Know About Star Wars, the working title for Episode VI: Return of the Jedi was “Blue Harvest.” Apparently Lucas didn’t want props and effects people to overcharge him because of the nature of the movie, so he did his best to hide the fact that they were making a third film.

But George Lucas wasn’t the first to try and hide his movie productions, and he certainly wouldn’t be the last. In today’s world, with countless movie blogs and rumor mills, people will do whatever they can to land to the newest film gossip. So out of necessity, production studios throw up as many smoke screens as possible to ensure that their work stays secret.

While some of the “working titles” are completely random, a good amount of them relate in some way to either the story, the setting, or a relationship between the characters. Some genius on reddit decided to replace the movie titles on their posters with their working title companion. Check the results below.

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