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The Best of Mike Woodson’s Celebration GIFs [#GIFSTAPE]


First off, sincere apologies for not posting a #GIFSTape in celebration of Game 6. That was bad of me.

The good news is that #GIFsTape returns today with a pretty good curveball: head waxing expert, beard dying champion, and New York Knicks head coach Mike Woodson.

In a city that’s obsessed with fame and glamour, Mike Woodson has found himself a pretty good home in Madison Square Garden. I think that I can speak for most Knicks fans when I say that I wasn’t too excited about having him be our head coach after D’Antoni was fired. Obviously I was happy that someone other than D’Antoni was in charge, but I didn’t want some scrub from the Hawks to take over. Because if there was ever an Eastern Conference team that underperformed more (less?) than the Knicks, it was the Hawks.

Anyways, his reactions have become a favorite of mine. Whether he’s staring blankly at a player for not playing defense, or bringing down the axe in celebration, Mike Woodson’s clearly-waxed head is always worthy of a smile.

I wonder if players ever rub his head to see what their stats will be.

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