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Is This a Good Idea?: Pot in Pill Form


The marijuana debate has taken an interesting turn beyond just the hilarious image of watching a group of stoners try to get into a fight at the grocery store over the last bag of Funyuns.

America is now soundly in the “pro-pot” column with two states on the books who voted to decriminalize the stuff and a poll that found a majority of people support its legalization. Plus, marijuana is more readily available than ever before with “medical marijuana” dispensaries blanketing some states and providing their “suffering” customers with weed in all flavors and forms. Stoners can get their fix with pot brownies, cookies, Rice Krispie treats, lollipops, tea, cake and even butter. If Wendy’s finds a way to cook weed into their Baconaters, then that means God has chosen humans to be the next species up for extinction.

There is even a THC pill that stoners can take without having to hack up a lung just get their daily hit of “his HIGHness.” One study found that taking pot infused medicine (we mean actual medicine like pills that don’t involve turning an object into a bong) can actually have some interesting benefits such as an extended threshold against pain compared with people who smoked it.

This got us thinking: Is having a “pot pill” a good idea? Here’s our take on it before you cast your vote below in our poll.


– The possibilities and improvements are endless for people who actually use marijuana for medical purposes other than needing an excuse to eat all the leftover food in the house and watch an entire season of “Yo Gabba Gabba!”.

– Thanks to this study that proves pot pills can prolong a person’s resistance to pain, potheads could become useful members of society such as Navy SEALs who can withstand the threat of torture or stars of longer seasons of “jackass.”

– They would greatly reduce the horrid smell of rotting ass and feet that lingers on a person like a cheap suit after smoking a whole bowl once a day.


– Since the buzz lasts longer, some dunderheads could ruin a good thing for the rest of us by increasing the dangers of being high by operating heavy machinery, failing to maintain awareness of their surroundings or giving “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” bigger ratings.

– Some stoners are bound to miscount or lose track of how many pills they have taken in a day since they can watch a “Sesame Street” short with the same level of quizzical attention as a “Lost” follower.

– Coughing until you lose a lung is the closest some stoners get to aerobic exercise.

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