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Holy Cannonball Run, Batman! Someone Is Racing A Batmobile


The legendary Gumball 3000 rally race always attracts some of the world’s wealthiest drivers who see no problem taking an ultra-rare, ultra-rad ride and maxing out its mileage by driving it around the globe.

The more astonishing part of this automotive tradition is that it’s not really a race. The drivers aren’t driving to see who can score the fastest time or even finish first. They are just there to drive and win by exhibiting the most spirited performance that expresses their love for driving. Besides, what prize can you give to a man or woman who treats Maseratis as if they were Italian, hand-built Kleenex?

That question became even harder to answer after we saw one of the cars that this year’s competitors decided to take for a global spin: a Batmobile (Tumbler edition)!

This replica of the custom made Tumbler from “Batman Begins,” “Dark Knight” and “Dark Knight Rises” came from the car design crew Parker Brothers Concepts who have also built working replicas of other movie vehicles such as the lightcycle from Tron: Legacy. “Team Galag” said they hope to bring “a little originality and fun to the Gumball 3000” and “capture the spirit of movies and cartoons such as ‘Cannonball [Run].'”

We’re sure they’ll have no problem getting that spirit above “Cannonball Run 2000” with a gas eating machine like the Batmobile.

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