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Two ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Fans Use Legos to Recreate Helm’s Deep


Peter Jackson’s digital recreation of the world of J.R.R. Tolkein’s “Lord of the Rings” was an epic undertaking but it still involved computers and some kind of program that could control the minds of hundreds of thousands of extras. Where’s the work? Where’s the painstaking time it took to place each brick on every castle and blood entrails on every sharpened stick used in battle?

Two enterprising builders have done the work that even Jackson couldn’t and they did it with Legos.

Two guys named “Rick-K” and “Big J” (who may or may not be members of an all caucasian, underground rap group) used more than 150,000 Legos to recreate the famed “Helm’s Deep” scene from Tolkein’s story and it looks pretty damn accurate next to Jackson’s digital scenery.

Here’s the crazy part: They aren’t finished. The two said their model is around “90 percent complete.” They aren’t done with it! What level of insane accuracy are these two trying to reach? Is their goal to get Sauron himself to actually show up and blow up the enemy with his magic rod of shame? (Not that rod of shame, sickos.)

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