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Spock vs. Spock In New Audi Commercial [VIDEO]


Another Star Trek movie is almost upon and that means we’re about to face an onslaught of commercials and advertisements that will make us wish that Gene Roddenberry had gone into another line of work. Thankfully, this Audi commercial makes up for it.

The car maker tapped Leonard Nimoy, TV’s original Spock, and Zachary Quinto, the new Spock in J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek¬†and Star Trek Into Darkness, to star in a new commercial for their Audi S7. Naturally, the old and new school Spocks can’t resist a little friendly competition and the commercial puts them in a head to head, no holds barred, epic showdown to decide who will pay for lunch.

Actually, it’s way more entertaining than it sounds, even for a commercial about a luxury car with a demographic so stuffy that you could use it as a comfy bean bag chair. It features Nimoy and Quinto racing to the golf course and it’s just chocked full of Nimoy goodness from his humming his famous one hit wonder [Editor’s Note: Danny means lowest point of his career] in the car to the brilliant way he puts the young Vulcan in his place. It’s sort of making me wish the two would get into a bare knuckle boxing match just to see how it would end.

Oh, and that strange song about Bilbo Baggins Nemoy starts singing?

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