Robot Legs Helps an Adorable, Abandoned Dog Be an Awesome Dog

Cat owners may believe that just because they’ve chosen to live with animals that have more natural attitude than a sorority chick who’s hot and knows it doesn’t mean they are the superior species. Yes, dogs are fiercely loyal to owners who treat them right and show them love and respect but some also possess a plucky spirit and enthusiastic attitude that could make the grumpiest ol’ man on your block force himself to crack a permanent smile.

Take, for instance, Naki’o, a mixed breed dog who not only came back from near-death to become the awesome animal he was meant to be but also the loss of all four of his limbs.

He was abandoned as a puppy by a family in Nebraska that lost their home due to foreclosure. They couldn’t afford to take care of him or the rest of his litter so they left the dogs in the home during a harsh winter when Naki’o was just five-weeks-old. Eventually, he lost his legs to frostbite after he stepped in an ice cold puddle and nearly froze to death.

Thankfully, an animal rescue shelter got to them in time and were able to give them a warm home and regular food before the unthinkable could happen. Naki’o, however, couldn’t walk and had to resort to scooting around on his belly to get around. A local veterinarian felt sorry for the little guy and organized a successful fundraiser to get him some new legs and OrthoPets, a prosthetic limb maker for pets who fronted half of the fundraising money, fitted him for his new legs.

Now he’s not only able to run around and do all the things that dogs should be able to do but he’s also found a new home with a loving family in Colorado Springs, Colorado. If I wasn’t down to my last “man-card” because my best friend caught me buying a “Gilmore Girls” box-set for a Mothers’ Day present, I’d shed a tear for the little guy. Oh, what the hell? Someone pass me a Kleenex.

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