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Random Sports Stuff: Tom Brady Giddy At Derby, Shaq VS Canseco, And Nick Saban Runs Everything Alabama


Looks like Gisele gave Tommy permission to go out with his friends for a couple hours. Might as well place some bets at the Kentucky Derby and by the looks of it, he made out like a bandit. Brady, who seemingly had connections with the owners of Orb, the victorious Thoroughbred, is seen squealing joyfully after the race in a pimped out bowtie. Wes Welker is seen leaping on the pile, too. Guess they’re still friends after Wes booked it to play with Peyton in Denver.

Regardless, that’s the happiest Tom Brady has been since 2004 or the last time he went down a waterslide.

Jose Canseco vs. Shaq celebrity boxing match in the near future? Once can only hope.

Oh, and hey bro, you just got Sabanbombed. Deal with it.

COED Writer