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High School Teacher Victoria Valentine James Fired For Glamour Modeling [21 PHOTOS]


Olivia Sprauer (who goes by her modeling name Victoria Valentine James) will not be enjoying her National Teacher’s Day today. That’s because Martin County High School officials forced her to resign after learning that she was a bikini model. Strangely enough, Olivia was planning on retiring next month at the end of the school year in an attempt to follow her dream of becoming a glamour model.

Is 26-year-old Olivia the hottest teacher who’s ever been fired for something scandalous? Absolutely not. Would I be more inclined to go to my English class if her 34D’s were staring at my face? Of course. I’ve always wanted to know how a woman like this could keep control of a classroom of wild and rambunctious teenagers.

Truthfully, some of this chick’s photos are a little too racy to be teaching. There are more than a couple visible nipples on her modeling Facebook page, so it’s clear that she must like to live dangerously.

Upset that Victoria won’t be standing in front of the classroom any more? Follow her on Twitter or Facebook to stay updated with whatever she’s doing.

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